Our Story - Creating Innovative Solutions for Sensory Needs

As the owner of SensoryHarbor, I am thrilled to share with you the story of our sensory product line. We believe that everyone deserves to feel comfortable, calm, and relaxed in their daily lives, especially those with sensory needs. That's why we are passionate about creating innovative products that provide the support and comfort needed to improve overall well-being.

Our journey began in 2018 when we decided to fill a gap in the market for sensory products that were both high-quality and affordable. We spent countless hours researching and developing our flagship product, the Podswing Body Sock. This unique product is designed to provide a soothing, enveloping sensation that can help calm the nervous system and promote relaxation. It quickly caught on, and we have sold over 10,000 units to date.

In just three short years, we have become a leader in the sensory product industry, with customers raving about the effectiveness of our products. We expanded our line to include the SensoryHarbor Gravity Blanket in 2021, which has been a game-changer for many of our customers. This weighted blanket helps them achieve a deeper, more restful sleep while reducing anxiety and stress. In just six months since its launch, we have sold over 5,000 units and received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Most recently, we introduced the SensoryHarbor Sensory Swing, an innovative product that provides a gentle, rhythmic motion that can help reduce stress and anxiety while promoting sensory integration. This unique swing has quickly become a customer favorite and has helped many individuals with sensory needs feel more comfortable and at ease.

At SensoryHarbor, we are dedicated to improving the lives of those with sensory needs. We understand the challenges and struggles that come with sensory processing disorders, and we want to make a positive impact by providing effective, affordable solutions. With each new product we create, we strive to make a difference in the lives of our customers.

In conclusion, SensoryHarbor is proud to offer a range of innovative sensory products that are designed to improve overall well-being. From the Podswing Body Sock to the Heymooonbaby Sensory Swing, our products provide comfort and support to those with sensory needs, allowing them to feel more relaxed, calm, and at ease in their daily lives. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers and look forward to continuing to innovate and create products that make a difference.


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